Don't Be 90% Of The Women Out There Who Start and Stop Their Fitness Program Every Few Months!

The yo-yo exercising cycle can stop today! Let me teach you how to prepare for fitness success! When you don't prepare you are telling the Universe and anyone who will listen that you are not that serious and losing weight and being fit doesn't really matter to you. 

How would you feel if you went your entire life and NEVER lived in a body you loved? What if everyday, you thought about your weight and every year it only got worse?

This is the journey you are on unless something changes. That something can be easier than you think when you prepare fit fitness success!


Did You Know You Are Addicted To Your Body?

It's true. Every cell of your body is actually addicted to feeling frustrated that you can't lose weight. The feeling of hopelessness that you don't have the will power to stick on a diet is an addiction.

And it's stronger than heroin!

If you have been struggling with your weight for over a year and deffinately if you've been struggling most of you life, you are addicted to your struggle and no matter what program you join if you don't release your addiction, you will fail!

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You Are Not Alone!

Over 60% of Americans struggle with their weight. You are not alone.

Does this sound familiar?


It's not a mistake you found this site and are still reading! Something inside knows there is something more for you. This life isn't what you signed up for!

What if you had access to workout that made you feel good from the inside out?

What if you learned a step-by-step system about how to prepare for fitness success?

What if you learned how to create fitness goals that motivated and inspired you to stick with your program?


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I have one last question to ask you...


"What if you live your ENTIRE life and

NOTHING changes?"


Things can be different!


Take one step and learn about the two programs I have that will move you toward the health and fitness you desire and deserve!


To your health,

Michelle Melendez

Fitness Expert



Let this be the year you have the fitness, health and body you've wanted. It can be done.


Trust yourself that you can be fit. It's not a mistake it's a desire within you.  When you say, "Yes" to yourself the support you've been waiting for can show up!


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